The Why

I am beginning this first entry with a promise that I will NOT DELETE MY BLOG this time. Every single time I embark on a new journey, it is jusy so easy to press the little delete account link.

One thing that will prevent this is my promise and another is that this is going to be a “me” centered blog.

To start today, I will begin with my “why” for creating this blog. When I meet a new Dom, the rush of emotions and thoughts becomes so overwhelming that I seem to lose myself. This new Dom, who will remain unwritten of for the most part now. has so inspired my love for writing that I absolutely MUST write. My mind needs some outlet to release my emotions into the world, to not touch someone but leave open the existence of touch that once got me through the darkest of my dark times.

I am all consumed again, lost in my mindspace, and I knew I would be unable to rest and settle should I not begin writing tonight.